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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I buy an NFT?2022-02-08T17:39:53+01:00
  • Of course the NFT
  • Unique ingame cosmetics
  • An exclusive discord role
  • Access to supporters channels on discord
  • Exclusive pre-Alpha access to the game
  • Direct contact with the devs
  • and much more!
What are Kaijin?2021-12-18T16:55:59+01:00

In the Kaijin Universe, Kaijin are warriors of a special tribe who belong to one element. You will find more details in our lore soon.

How can I support you?2021-12-18T16:53:56+01:00

Just follow us on twitter or join our discord.

What blockchain are you using for the Kaijin Universe NFT’s?2021-12-18T16:49:07+01:00

More information will be available here soon.

How far has the development of the game progressed?2021-12-18T16:48:52+01:00

We are only at the beginning, but development has already started. You will find first snippets, teasers and more from the game here soon.

Can I already buy a NFT?2021-12-18T16:48:39+01:00

The first NFT’s are already finished and will soon be available through a marketplace. Be ready for more!

What kind of game are you developing?2021-12-18T16:50:11+01:00

We are currently working on a 4v4 MOBA in 3rd person view.

What will the setting be like?2021-12-18T16:51:17+01:00

It’s going to be a little Asian-inspired, but something totally unique.

Who are the background stories from?2021-12-18T16:52:45+01:00

The stories come from our team itself.

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