So, our project is slowly but surely taking more and more concrete shape. The first 100 NFTs are finished and one of our most important milestones has already been reached: We have minted our very first NFT!

It has been a bit quiet around our project for some time now, but that was only because we were engrossed in the work and poured endless passion into the Kaijin Universe. The result of our hard work you will soon be able to admire, or we will publish more and more content in the coming days and weeks, which will also convince you of this wonderful project.

And so we have already managed to create the very first 100 Kaijin Universe NFT’s. Every single one of them is handmade by our great artist Ralf Singh. From the idea to the coloring, there is an infinite amount of love and heart and soul in each NFT.

The Kaijin Universe NFT’s are not meant to be mass produced, but each one is unique. And that’s a really important fact that should set us apart from other projects. Each card is based on a kaijin (a fighter), his special affiliation and abilities, as well as each card has its own very special name. Thus, not only the drawing, but also the metadata is absolutely unique and these will later be reflected in our game, which is already in development. These are all important factors in understanding the big picture of the Kaijin Universe. Piece by piece, we will introduce you to this fabulous universe and show you how infinite it is.

Milestone achieved

As mentioned earlier, we have already minted our very first NFT. And this very special NFT we would like to give away to you! You have until April 1st 2022 to enter on our Twitter channel for a chance to win this unique piece of Kaijin Universe history!

Following this giveaway, we will begin whitelist minting. To get on the whitelist, you can already sign up on our website. (Just enter your mail address on the start page). If everything goes according to plan, we will then start mining publicly on April 15.

You will find all important information soon here on our website, our Twitter channel and on the official Discord server.

Your Kaijin Universe Team.