Hello and welcome to our first entry of our dev-diary! Here you can expect many details about the project and the staff. Whether it’s game development, drawings, background story, you’ll get the full scoop here! In this diary you can dive deep into the matter of Kaijin Universe. You will learn about the current state of development and a lot of insider knowledge.

The current team of 6 members is constantly working on putting ideas down on paper. One of the most important parts of this really young team is Ralf. Our chief designer, Ralf Singh, is always busy designing new characters. In addition to the development of the lore, sketches are constantly being created, which then flow into the final design of the character.

First, all sorts of thoughts arise about the character’s personality and appearance. Facial features, facial expressions, age, sex, character traits, … up to the voice arise in the head of the artist. Ralf brings these thoughts as quickly as possible on paper (or in digital form).

Here is an example:

Further features then emerge in coordination with the team. After that, important details like weapons, abilities and powers are added. In the end, there is a complete character sheet with countless information and points, on the basis of which the finished character is created.

What we have now is a fully detailed character. Based on this, we can then craft the character in the game and build a graphically elaborate NFT.

Let’s keep our very first diary entry a little short. You have now received exclusive material and insights and know what to expect in the next entries. In the next few weeks you will learn how our NFT’s are created, how the game development is progressing and we will introduce our team members in more detail.

We hope you have as much fun with the project as we do and you actively support us by following us on Twitter and using our Discord.

See you soon!